Sesamee Lock
Another product we offer through our parent company is the Sesamee Series Padlocks.  We do not manufacture this product but our parent company has a relationship going back a couple decades as a Master Distributor for this product line.
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Sesamee lock FJM Security
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Sesamee lock

    Sesamee padlocks, k436
                    Dials are on bottom of padlock

Lost your Sesamee reset pin? 
The below site has them!! 
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Sesamee change pin
K436 Short Shackle Sesamee Lock
    K436 Short Shackle
K437 2-1/4" Long Shackle Sesame Locks
K437 2-1/4" Long Shackle
K440 4" Long Shackle Sesamee Locks
     K440 4" Long Shackle
KCR0436 Marine Chrome Sesamee Padlock
KCR0436 Marine Chrome Sesamee Padlock
K0436 Marine Sesamee Padlock
K0436 Marine Sesamee Padlock
K636  Super Sesamee Lock
   K636  Super Sesamee
K637  Shrouded Super Sesamee Padlock
 K637  Shrouded
Super Sesamee
K646 Long Shackle Super Sesamee
 K646  Long Shackle Super Sesamee
Buy Now   K0437 Sesamee Long shackle Marine Padlock
 K04373  Marine Sesamee
How to set or reset the combination on your Sesamee padlock

1. Set Sesamee to the combination that opens the Sesamee (lost your combination? Call (800) 733-8588 to make arrangements with the factory)

2. Inside the shackle hole, there is another, smaller hole. Use the change pin sold with the Sesamee and push it all the way into the smaller hole

3. Leave the pin within the hole and set the combination to the new number you want.

Warning!  Store your reset pin in a safe place!  You can not reset your padlock combination without this pin!  Factory warranty void if other objects besides factory pin are used.
Lost your Sesamee reset pin?   The below site has them!! 
Purchase Here

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