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Ratchet Lock

ratchet lock FJM Security
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The Combi-RatchetTM is a secure ratchet lock with up to 10,000 possible combinations. The innovative ratchet lock provides keyless convenience with the option of master key access.  World's only combination ratchet lock!

Great for retail situations whereby there is high turnover or employees are losing keys.  Simply allow the employees to use their own combination and the manager can at any time open with their key and also discover the code and set it to a new combination.  Ratchet Locks offering flexibility and no more key management problems!

ratchet lock For more details, visit product website here. ratchet lock
    Main Benefits     Product Photos
Dial locking system with up to 10,000 possible combinations
Added convenience of Master-Key access
Pick resistant dials with extremely tight clearances
Strike plate available
Code discovery and reset
No more key hassles with displays
Great for retail show cases!
ratchet lock
ratceht locks
ratchet lock

ratchet locks

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