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Combination Padlocks for Lockers
With Key Override AND Patented Code Discovery!           


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  • Patented code  discovery function
    Discover code and reset!
  • 10,000 codes
  • Easy to use
  • Manager override key
  • Heavy duty
  • Solid metal
  • Easy to reset
  • High security key


Our padlock for lockers has a manager key override AND a patented code discovery function that also allows the lock to be reset to a new combination!!

Manager Key Override-  If you need to remove the locker lock for any reason the manager key override key allows  the lock to be removed without knowing the combination.

Code Discovery-  Never throw a locker lock away again!  After removing the lock or if a combination is forgotten, simply use the master key to discover the combination and then set it to a new code

Simple Process-
1.  insert master key, turn to right
2.  Rotate dials to the right until they stop on the opening combination.
3.  Set to a new combination.

It is that easy!

   Instructions Download
Great item to use with our padlockable cam product!



WARNING- California Residents- (Proposition 65)

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