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FJM iPad Case, iPad Stand, iPad Lock all in one!

ipad case
This innovative iPad case, iPad stand and iPad lock is so very versatile in functionality allowing the iPad to be used over a wide variety of scenarios from a secured stand on a desk to becoming a natural extension to those on the go.

As an iPad case, the FJM iPad  product accommodates the original iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 and the iPad 4.   The foam lined tough ABS plastic protects from scratches and impact.  The stand can be flipped up to become a handle for carrying like a briefcase.  When the hand is inserted through the handle, the iPad becomes a natural, comfortable extension of the arm (see photos below) with very little fear of the tablet slipping out of your hands during use. 
ipad cases
While carrying
the iPad, with the hand through the hoop stand, the iPad can be rotated for best viewing while secure to your arm.  This allows for comfortable carrying of the iPad on the go without fear of the iPad slipping/dropping.

ipad cases

iPad Stand rotates and tilts for unlimited positions

All ports are accessible with the case installed, including the rear camera.

As an iPad stand, the FJM iPad Lock allows the iPad to be rotated into 8 different positions (sees photos below) and then angled at unlimited positions for best viewing. The rubber surface on the loop prevents slipping on surfaces and the adjustments at different viewing angles with the hinge holds firm with a built in tension to hold its current position.

As in iPad Lock, the FJM product features a high security 9-pin lock that snaps into the back of the case with a 78" vinyl coatedipad lock airplane cable that can be connected to a stable item preventing the iPad from walking away.

"I love this product and how comfortably it fits my hand.  My iPad is now always with me never leaving my side!"

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    Main Benefits     Product Photos
Easy to install and remove (why ever remove though?)
Heavy duty foam lined plastic case protects iPad
Stand on the back folds/snaps flat for easy carrying
Stand on the back rotates and adjust for unlimited positions.
Stand can also be used as a handle to carry as a brief case
Stand can be used to secure the iPad for use while walking
Hi security 9-pin lock and 78" cable secures the iPad from being stolen
Handle becomes a natural, comfortable extension of the arm
Handle makes iPad easy to carry without slipping out of your hands
Great for any iPad application with flexibility of use
  WARNING- California Residents- (Proposition 65)
  Some of the unlimited positions of the versatilve iPad Case handle/stand
  ipad case
  ipad stand ipad stand ipad 3 case ipad cases
  ipad stands ipad case ipad 3 case ipad cases
     ipad 2 stand   ipad stand  ipad cases ipad lock
  ipad case















ipad lock
9-pin high security
lock with 78" vinyl
coated airplane cable
ipad 3 case
Handle becomes
natural extension
of arm
ipad lock
high security lock
ipad cases
Look ma! No hands!
ipad cases
Carry like Briefcase
ipad case
Even when carrying in this position, if hand is looped through the stand, iPad is secure from slipping.

ipad case
Access to all ports,
even rear camera
ipad cases
ipad case  

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