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Combination Padlock

Padlock Division of FJM Security Products

Our Featured Heavy Duty Combination Padlocks have larger front facing dials compared to other locks on the market that require twisting upside down to squint at tiny dials. With a built in change screw, there is no change key/pin to lose.  Great value on this quality product at very competitive pricing.

Our Combination Disc Padlock is a popular choice as a higher security padlock with limited shackle access and keyless convenience.

Our locker padlocks have a patented key override which also allows code discovery so that padlocks can be set to a new number. Great for employers, gyms and more (lost combinations, new employees, etc.) , the lock can be opened and then the combination discovered so that it can be set to a new code. One key can work for multiple locks.

The FJM High Security Padlocks are very beefy, high security padlocks at very competitive pricing.  You will not find solid quality locks like these at the Big Box stores!  Secure with pick proof European keyway and thicker hardened steel shackles. Available also in shrouded and D-style versions. 

We have been manufacturing our Mountain Series padlocks for over 20 years.  Our solid brass pin tumbler padlocks are available in sizes ranging from 3/4" to 2-1/2" in width in keyed alike and keyed different.  Now offering same padlocks as Aluminum Padlocks

Another product we offer through our parent company is the Sesamee Series Padlocks.  We do not manufacture this product but our parent company has a relationship going back a couple decades as a Master Distributor for this product line.  Click here for more information.

Other padlocks include A389 laminated steel padlocks, combination case padlocks, multi-function padlocks, disc padlocks and more. 



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