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Combination Locks for Lockers
With Key Override AND Patented Code Discovery!           

combination locks for lockers 
Click here for built in locks for lockers w/ key override

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Our locks for lockers has a manager key override AND a patented code discovery function that also allows the lock to be reset to a new combination!!

Manager Key Override-  If you need to remove the locker lock for any reason the manager key override key allows  the lock to be removed without knowing the combination. One manager key works on all locks in the group

Code Discovery-  Never throw a locker lock away again!  After removing the lock or if a combination is forgotten, simply use the master key to discover the combination and then set it to a new code

Simple Process-
1.  insert master key, turn to right
2.  Rotate dials to the right until they stop on the opening combination.
3.  Set to a new combination.

It is that easy!

locks for lockers

combination padlock with key    Instructions Download
combination padlock with key Great item to use with our padlockable cam product!

combination padlock with key




combination padlock with key
combination padlock with key

High Resolution Images-  
master key combination padlock combination lock masterkey master key combination padlock combination padlocks locker padlocks
locker padlock combinationi padlocks   gym lock gym padlock
locker padlock locker lock locker padlock combination padlock combination locker padlock
gym locker lock combination lock      

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