Traditional Sliding Bolt
with an Innovative Twist!

Technical Specifications

Sturdy Construction With Impressive Added Security

The new Combi-Bolt combines the simplicity of the world's oldest known lock with the addition of combinated dials with 10,000 combinations possible. Flexible in its applications and far more flexible in usage with no keys to keep track of or lose! The Combi-Bolt is tough and weather resistant.

  •   All Metal Construction
  •   Die Cast Metal Body
  •   Hardened 3/8" Steel Bolt
  •   Chrome Plated Dials
  •   One-Way Security Screws
  •   4-Dial Encoding
  •   10,000 Possible Combinations
  •   Bolt Receiver for Flush Mounting
  •   Strike Plate for Recessed Mounting

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Demo: Easy Installation

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