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FAQs -Keyless

Gate Locks

keyless gate locks

How do I change the combination?

Once you’ve determined your new code,

   Hold the Combi-Bolt in your hand with the handle on the ride side and the bolt  
on the left side

   Lift the handle up & then slide it back completely.  The finger grip will slide down into a notch when it is all the way back.  This puts the Combi-Bolt in ‘change’ mode.

   Turn the dials to your new combination.

   Lift the handle up and then slide the bolt forward completely.  The Combi-Bolt is now out of change mode, and the new combination on the dials is now the current code.

 gate lock

What is the warranty on the Combi-Bolt Gate Lock?

The Combi-Bolt has a one year warranty against manufacturing defects.  This does not cover forgotten or lost combinations.


Does the Combi-Bolt work on backyard gates?

The Combi-Bolt is a perfect solution for backyard gates and sheds, offering keyless security with over 10,000 possible combinations.  It also has a rust resistant coating on the body of the lock, which helps it stand up to harsh weather.


What makes the Combi-Bolt better than using a hasp and padlock?

With the hasp and padlock, the shackle of the padlock is exposed, and easy to cut with a common hacksaw or bolt cutter.  The hardened steel bolt on the Combi-Bolt slides tightly into the strike or the bolt receiver.


What tools are needed to install the Combi-Bolt?

The only tools required to install the Combi-Bolt is a screwdriver and perhaps a drill if bolts are utilized.



How is the Combi-Bolt installed?

Every Combi-Bolt includes both a strike and a bolt receiver which means that it can be applied in a wide variety of situations.  The strike is used for locking the bolt into a door jam or other surface (recessed).  The bolt receiver is used for surfaces that make a flush surface where they meet up.

 Flush Mounting:

    Hold Combi-Bolt in its intended position, then mark the positions for the screws

    Drill pilot holes for the screws

    Screw the Combi-Bolt into place using the one-way screws

    Install the bolt receiver – make sure the bolt slides smoothly into the bolt receiver

 gate locks

Recessed Mounting

    Position the strike place in its intended position

    Mark the positions for the screws on the mounting surface

    Drill pilot holes for the screws

    Screw the strike place into place with the one-way screws

    Follow above installation instructions for flush mounting


 How rust resistant/weather resistant is the Combi-Bolt?

The Combi-Bolt is designed to stand up to harsh weather with chrome plated brass dials and a rust resistant coating on the body of the lock.


Can I use bolts instead of the included one-way screws?

           Yes, you can use bolts to install the Combi-Bolt as well.  Use the type of button-head bolts that have a rounded head with no slots for a screw driver.  Select the length appropriate for your application and secure the Combi-Bolt from the rear of the door with the nuts.  Utilizing bolts allows for the Combi-Bolt to later be adjusted/moved.  See Image. Gate Lock