Traditional Sliding Bolt
with an Innovative Twist!

Features & Benefits

The new Combi-Bolt combines the simplicity of the worlds oldest known lock with 4-digit encoding for a total of 10,000 possible combinations. The Combi-Bolt is easy to install since the lock, sliding bolt and installation screws are all included in one convenient package. Whether you have a barn door or a simple garden gate, the Combi-Bolt is the simple secure solution for you.


Recessed or Flush Mounting
Every Combi-Bolt includes both a Strike and a Bolt Receiver which means it can be applied in a wide variety of situations. The Strike is for locking the bolt into a door jam or other surface, while the Bolt Receiver is for surfaces that make a flush surface where they meet up.

Keyless Security
Combination locking means there is no need to hassle with keys. You can share the code without worry, since you can change the code at any time.


10,000 Possible Combinations
You choose a combination that is easy for you to remember. Rest assured that your code is secure with over 10,000 possible combinations.

Pick Resistant Dials
The Combi-Bolt was designed with extremely tight clearances to resist shims and other picking tools.

One-Way Security Screws
The Combi-Bolt cannot be removed once it is installed with the included One-Way Security Screws. One-Way screws are designed to only turn one way when using a screw-driver. The sloped slot means the screw-driver blade will simply slip out if you try to turn it counter-clockwise.

Enclosed Bolt
The hardened steel bolt slides tightly into the strike or the bolt receiver. Other products use like hasp-and-padlock design that leaves the shackle of the padlock exposed and easy to cut with a common hacksaw or bolt-cutter.


Weather Resistant
With chrome plated brass dials and a rust resistant coating on the body of the lock, the Combi-Bolt stands up to harsh weather.

All-Metal Construction
The solid die-cast metal body and 3/8” hardened steel shackle are what make the Combi-Bolt so tough.


Four Dial Locking System
The Combi-Bolt employs a four dial locking system that is simple to use without sacrificing security. To open the Combi-Bolt simply enter your code and slide the bolt. To lock, slide the bolt closed and spin the dials to a random set of numbers.

Quick Combination Change
It is easy to change the combination of the Combi-Bolt. Three simple steps are all it takes to select a new code from the 10,000 possible combinations.

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