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The durable line of FJM vending machine padlocks offers high security at an affordable price. All FJM vending machine locks have a solid brass body and internal components with a hardened, triple chrome plated body and shackle. There are no internal spring loaded components to wear out or rust over time. The FJM European style keyway is practically impossible to pick and requires the key to turn 90 degrees prior to engaging with the internal disks. FJM High Security padlocks come with 4 keys and the keys are self retaining requiring the padlocks to be locked prior to removing the key.

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FJM vending machine padlocks come in two major styles: SPRM-60 60 mm wide with long shackle and SPRC-60 60 mm wide with short shackle.  FJM high security padlocks have heel/toe double locking and are excellent for marine use and come in two finishes; the triple plated chrome finish and a durable scratch proof ABS plastic with a protective sliding key way cover.


    Main Benefits     Product Photos
High Security Shackle- Maximum Cut Resistance
Hardened steel, chrome plated high sccurity padlock
-7/16" Shackle resists cutting/sawing
 Heel / Toe Double Locking Shackle
Durable & made for weather:
Triple Chrome Plated-  Great for Marine Use
SOLID Brass Body
All Internal mechanics brass & stainless steel
High Security Key System
Very difficult to duplicate
Requires keyway to turn 90 degrees prior to connecting with disks.
Harder key material means special cutting machines
Millions of possible combinations
Pick proof
No spring loaded parts to wear out
Comes with 4 keys
Key Retaining feature ensures padlock is not left unlocked



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   Item # SPRM-60
  Long Shackle

Measurement (Metric)
Item # SPRM-60 (Long Shackle)
A 26 mm
B 55 mm
C 45 mm
 D   60 mm
E 12 mm

Measurement (Inches)

Item # SPRM-60 (Long Shackle)
A 1"
B 2-1/8"
C 1-3/4"
D 2-3/8"
E 7/16"