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Versatile Combination Cable Lock
Sku # SX-645




10,000 combination cable lock with a 5mm / 3/16", 2000mm lock cable (79 inches). One end can be looped around a stationary object and the locking end can be looped around the item to be secured prior to locking it. When locked, the button on the side of the lock can be pressed and locked to secure the cable from sliding as well.
WARNING- California Residents- (Proposition 65)
Combination Cable Locks
combination cable lock
combination cable locks

computer cable locks

security cable
use as bag or briefcase security cable


Universal Cable Lock
# 2642
Protect your valuable computers, expensive electronic equipment and more with our strong and durable security system works as a theft-deterrent and can give you peace of mind whether you use it for your home office or your vacation home. Constructed of high-tension steel anchoring plates and aircraft-quality steel cable.
WARNING- California Residents- (Proposition 65) 65Computer cable locking
monitor cable locks
mointor cable lock

mointor combination cable lock

mointor combination cable locks

 computer cabler lock   sports cable lock                      cable security lock

Locking Serial Cable
Computer Locks
# 2924
Attaches to any Serial Port, DVI, etc connector
Very flexible in applications from laptops, CPU cases, projectors, monitors, etc.
Plastic covered heavy duty steel cable
High security tubular keyway
  6 foot, 1.6m cable
  Rotating Lock Body- Withstands prying and twisting
Anti-Pick Lock and Key- 7 pin tubular lock surpasses industry specifications for pick resistance.
WARNING- California Residents- (Proposition 65)


computer cable locks

computer locks


Computer Case Locks
# 0601
Available keyed alike only
Housing and barrel zinc alloy
Diameter: 1/2"
2 keys
Available in non-key retaining only
WARNING- California Residents- (Proposition 65)

Y= #6-32 UNC screw- thread pitch of 1/32
computer case lock
cpu case lock

computer case locks

computer case locks

High Security
Computer Case Lock
# 2607
Available keyed alike or keyed different
Housing and barrel zinc alloy
Tubular keyway
Diameter: 1/2"
2 keys
Available in key retaining only
WARNING- California Residents- (Proposition 65)

Computer Case Lock

computer locks
cpu lock

computer locks

computer case locks


USB Port  Lock
# 0916
USB Port Locks
10 USB Locks, 2 Keys
Security lock for USB ports protecting data and illegal access  to computer
For educational, healthcare and personal use
Length 3/8", Width 1/2"
WARNING- California Residents- (Proposition 65)
usb port locks
  usb lock

usb locks

usb port blocker


Alarm Retractable
Cable Lock

  Versatile, pocket-sized combination lock and security cable
Simple to use, difficult for thieves to disarm
  Easily attaches to your carrying case or most notebook computers with a security lock slot
  Self-retracting, cut resistant stainless steel cable (24 in)
Siren activated when cable is severed or when the motion sensor is armed and triggered
  LED indicator light displays alarm status
  Resettable 4 digit lock (up to 10,000 combinations)
  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Secure battery cover which can only be opened when unit is unlocked
Combination can be set to users own personal code
WARNING- California Residents- (Proposition 65)
alarm cable locks
retractable cable lock alarm cable lock backpack alarm cable lock
    alarm cable locks



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